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"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."
--Chinese Proverb

Student Transformation System™

What is the Student Transformation System™?

It transforms this... frustrated student ...into this... happy student

The Student Transformation System™ is a 12-week program that will help your child develop and strengthen their learning skills, and apply them to academic or behavioral goals, resulting in discernable cognitive and academic gains that will follow them for the rest of their lives. This is so much more than a way to improve grades in school. It is a way to transform their lives.

What is it not?

It is not tutoring of subject matter alone, although that may become a part of the program, depending on your child's needs. It is not a silver bullet, magic pill, or "cure". Brain training is like training your body at a gym. It will take commitment, work, and adherence to the protocol to be effective.

What is included?

What are the benefits?

If you have worked with, or are considering working with, a tutor or learning center, consider how Brain Spring Learning and the Student Transformation System compare:

If you are considering purchasing BrainSkills, BrainWare Safari, or some other product, and using it on your own, consider the following:

What does it cost?

Ask yourself, how much are you willing to invest in your child's future? Are you tired of watching your child lose their self-esteem, battle over homework, and lose any interest in school? Many families in your shoes have been amazed by the transformation of their child in a mere 12 weeks, and have found the investment worth every penny. And if your child follows the protocol, and does not show any measurable or observable progress, Dorothee will extend your program by an additional two weeks without any additional charge. Discounts are available for multiple children in the same household. Contact us today and find out how relatively affordable this program is! And even if you're not ready to commit, it only takes $29.99 to identify your child's weakest cognitive skills with the Gibson Test of Brain Skills! Then, if you sign up for the Student Transformation System within 30 days after the test, the cost of the test will be applied to the cost of the program. You have very little to lose, and everything to gain. Contact us now!