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Gibson Test of Brain Skills


Purpose of the Assessment

The primary goal of the Gibson Test is to quickly, easily and affordably identify whether any key cognitive skills are weak which may explain why learning is hard for a student. Knowing how well a student processes information, their Learning Skill Profile, is the first step to helping a student succeed academically.

Not an IQ Test

The Gibson Test is not an IQ test. It contains many sub-tests commonly used to generate an IQ score, but it contains additional sub-tests that assess key cognitive skills that impact learning. It is possible to have an average or better IQ score yet struggle with some aspect of learning. IQ scores represent an average of several skills. That average can mask weak skills because the average can be offset by some high skills. Imagine a car with a great engine and aerodynamic design but a flat tire. One flat tire can keep even the hottest car from performing well.

Dr. Gibson evaluated a variety of industry standard tests and devised a comprehensive selection of sub-tests not commonly found in one battery that can affordably and conveniently assess the key cognitive skills that impact learning the most.

Taking the Assessment

The GCSTest contains seven sub sections. It takes about 35-40 minutes to complete the assessment. The assessment should be taken in one sitting. A computer with high-speed internet connection and Flash 9 is required. The instructions and many of the questions are auditory. The computer has to be equipped with good speakers or a headphone. If the assessment is being taken in a computer lab, headphones are a must.

Used as a screening tool

This assessment is not intended to diagnose any learning disability. However, it will provide you with a measure of eleven core cognitive skills and provide you with an indication of relative strengths and weaknesses. It should identify problem areas that may require more extensive testing to achieve a proper diagnosis if required.