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"Every student who has been through the cognitive-skills development program [using BrainWare Safari] has improved her or her performance. Struggling students, gifted students, and students in between have improved their ability to think and to learn."
Curtis Boehmer, Special Education Teacher
Huron Intermediate School District, Michigan

Brainware Safari

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If you prefer not to take advantage of monitoring, coaching, and integration provided as part of the Student Transformation System, you may purchase BrainWare Safari and try and do it on your own. However, using the software in the context of the total program is usually much more effective. If you decide to Do It Yourself, and purchase BrainSkills via Brain Spring Learning, we will provide limited email support and also pre- and post-testing. Please note that either way, there is a discount to for multiple children in the same family. Please contact us for more information.