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"I think you can see that the Gibson Test and Brainskills have become an important part of our program at RMCA. Please extend our thanks to all the members of your administration for the very significant help your program has become to our school. We predict that many of our students will experience these benefits for a lifetime."
Dr. Wallace Anderson
School Psychologist
RMCA Charter School

The BrainSkills Core Exercise Program

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What is BrainSkills?

BrainSkills is an online program that exercises the brain to improve mental (cognitive) function. Stronger cognitive skills can make learning easier and faster. Not all brain training is created equal. Mental activity in general is a good thing. Doing crossword puzzles and any type of video game, especially educational video games can help. But these types of activities have limited capacity to correct weak cognitive skills associated with learning, especially reading.

Dr. Gibson has been working for over 35 years to fine tune the right types of brain exercises in the right combination and delivery to optimize results. BrainSkills is based upon his successful clinical programs that have helped over 25,000 students unlock their learning potential. The published results from his clinical programs far exceed any published results available from competing programs.

BrainSkills consists of a series of 10 different exercises that train a variety of key cognitive skills that impact learning and reading. These exercises help to build the cognitive skills (processing speed, attention, memory, visual processing (VP), auditory processing (AP) and logic and reasoning) that form the foundation for learning capacity. Any core cognitive skill that is weak generally makes learning difficult. Each of the core exercises, while focused on different primary cognitive skills, strengthens multiple overlapping skills.

Using BrainSkills

BrainSkills requires a high-speed internet connection and a reasonably recent browser. Headphones and a wired mouse are recommended, but not required.

Students build cognitive skills through intense drilling. The exercises have multiple levels and multiple speeds (usually three or four) within each level. Each level adds a different challenge. Speeds within a level change the amount of time to complete the task or make the elements of the task move or display faster. Students are challenged to pass a given level at the fastest speed possible. If a student has passed speed 3 and is unable to pass at the fastest speed, after three tries they will be advanced to begin working on the next level. The levels of advancement are designed to continue challenging the student without leaving them at either extreme of ongoing boredom or frustration.

Currently each exercise is set to a minimum of 6 minutes of active time in an exercise. Once a student completes a round and the timer is at six minutes or more, the student will be taken back to the menu when they click OK or restart. That exercise will be disabled until all exercises have been completed for that cycle, then the cycle is repeated. Students need to advance as quickly and as far as possible on each exercise. However, there is value in students diligently practicing even if they don't pass a level on a given day. The recommended protocol is to work on the exercises one hour per day, five days a week for 12-15 weeks. Depending upon each student's beginning skill level, intensity of training and needs, the training period can be shorter or longer.

Purchase Options

If you prefer not to take advantage of monitoring, coaching, and integration provided as part of the Student Transformation System™, you may purchase BrainSkills and try and do it on your own. However, using the software in the context of the total program is usually much more effective. If you decide to Do It Yourself, and purchase BrainSkills via Brain Spring Learning, we will provide limited email support and also pre- and post-testing. Please note that either way, there is a discount to for multiple children in the same family. Please contact us for more information.